I think my baby is a fairly good night sleeper, but hes terrible for naps.

He only sleeps for about 30 minutes and hes awake. I am longing for him to sleep a decent amount of time so I can get things done while he naps, and maybe even have a bit of "me" time. But he only sleeps for 30 minutes and gets tired after about an hour to two hours.

Any tips? Will he just grow out of this himself? When he wakes up he usually just lays there quietly. I wouldn't even know he is awake except for looking at the monitor. He eventually starts to fuss.

I do feed him or rock him to sleep but if hes drowsy but still awake he will put himself to sleep most of the time (unless hes really over tired).

I usually have a fan going in the room (although I do plan to buy an actual white noise machine) and it's fairly dark in the room. We just came back from vacation and the hotel room was nearly pitch black in the day and he still only slept 30 min.

Sometimes if he sleeps on me he will sleep for an hour or two - but even that is rare and its usually only 30 min.

Maybe this is common or normal. I dont like cry it out methods. Tips are appreciated!