This is mostly just a vent and looking for support/reassurance. My DS is 14 months old and doesn't point or wave. His only word is "daddy" and he doesn't really say it meaningfully. He doesn't respond to any questions/instructions or really gesture in any way, aside from clapping which he just started recently. He is smiley, happy and very social, and loves to mimic and babble. I was worried about his progress compared to some of my friends' babies the same age (who are able to do things like "get the ball," "show me daddy," body parts etc) so I mentioned it to my ped and she encouraged me to get him evaluated for early intervention.

We had the evaluation on Saturday and she said he is delayed in every category especially language, where he's at like an 8 month level. (He isn't walking yet either but he cruises and crawls, so I'm not too worried about gross motor.) She said she didn't see any red flags for autism or anything serious, just a delay. I know it could be so much worse and I'm glad there are no red flags, but I'm feeling disappointed and worried he will never catch up.

Has anyone experienced this? I'm feeling down and would appreciate any words of encouragement.