I’m 14 weeks pregnant and I woke up to a pool of blood Sunday night and when I sat on the toilet a HUGE clot the size of a lemon came out with more blood. I was so dang scared I knew that was my baby. We rushed to the ER and they only used the doppler but THANK GOD they found the heartbeat!! I went to my DR the next morning for a follow up, where he did an in depth ultrasound and found clot/s in my uterus and my placenta was lying low. He said that I have SCH and placenta previa. He also said I should expect more bleeding. So, now im on bedrest and I cant pick up my 2 yr old. He wants me to come back in three weeks to check on the SCH and previa. I stopped bleeding after the massive clot fell out. Im only spotting brown now. Im so scared and sad. Ive had 2 miscarriages this past year, I cant handle another one…… My dr didnt sound very positive about all of this but everything I’ve read online sounds more hopeful than he did. Has anyone gone through this? Did yours resolve on its own? I’d love to hear your story! Thank you for reading.