Ok, so I know there is a huge variation of normal at this age. But it's hard when you see other toddlers the same age talking in phrases and sentences and saying words clearly.

My DS is 18 months (will be 19 months at the end of the month). Including mom and dad, he says around 35-40 words. But a LOT of these are word approximations and aren't that clear to other people. Or he says a completely different word. For example, when he points out the color blue, he says "beep". Or if he says happy or potty, he just says "eee". Out is "ouck", banana is "bababa" etc.

Is this still normal for this age? Also, he's only attempted to say "bye bye" maybe a couple times and he still won't say hi - he only waves if he's greeting someone.

Some days I feel he's doing fine since he communicates with us all the time in his own way, he points all the time to show us things or what he wants - but sometimes I feel he's a bit behind in expressive language. Receptive language has never been a problem, if not advanced. He started pointing out all his body parts by 11 months and he can already point out all his colors correctly when you ask him.

It's just the expressive language that concerns me sometimes. He's on a waiting list to see a speech therapist for an eval - the ped didn't think he needed it, but he sees a PT for mild torticollis and she recommended being put on the list if I was worried, because it can take them a couple months to call you for an eval since there was a wait list.

Anyone else have a later talker? Did they end up needing speech therapy or just more time?

I don't think he's necessarily delayed in speech since his word count is ok, but I'm worried more about the pronunciation of words and how he understands literally everything we say but still isn't talking a whole lot.