I'm wondering whether or not anyone else has experience with this. Our son is almost 10 weeks old, and I'm EBF. He weighed 12.5 lbs at his two-month check-up, and is (luckily!) very healthy. He has pretty much set the nighttime feeding schedule the whole time, save for me putting the paci in his mouth occasionally which often helps him stretch his night feeds (he is a huge comfort nurser and loves to suck). He usually goes down around 7/7:30, I dream feed him around 11 each night, and last week he had three nights in a row where he went to 5/5:40 before getting up to eat again. Obviously this was thrilling! Prior he'd been getting up around 4:30, and before that 3:30, etc. He basically had been pushing his own wake-ups back (which felt totally natural), and was down to one MOTN feed. He isn't/wasn't ready to get up for the day before 6, and typically wakes up happy when it's closer to 7:30/8. However, the last few nights he has been up again with greater frequency, or has wanted to eat much closer together again (e.g. only 3 hours from a prior night feeding, and seems a lot more unsettled). Putting in the paci is suddenly making him angry instead of soothing him. Is there such a thing as a sleep regression this early? Should I be feeding him greater quantities during the day as he grows? He occasionally has a pumped bottle, but when I'm BFing it's so hard to know how much he's getting, and how long to let him go. He literally will (and has) suck without stopping for ages, to the point where he spits up a ton if I don't cut him off because he doesn't know when he's full. I'm totally confused and would love any advice!