Looking for some advice. My DS is 26 month and in the last month has started getting up multiple times in the night, not crying just coming into our room and asking us to go lay down with him. Nothing has changed in his room, we moved in December but honestly he had been sleeping better at the new house and transitioned easily.

He sleeps on a full size floor mattress and has been for at least a year. Full disclosure, I consistently fail at sleep with this child. I am someone that prioritizes everyone’s sleep and ended up co-sleeping with him as an infant far more than I expected. When this initially started we were both guilty of laying down with him except LO2 is due in 2 months so we quickly realized this can’t continue.

His bed time routine is bath, 2 books and lights out. We recently moved the books to his bed with us sitting on the floor beside, we found he was falling asleep on us and were concerned that was causing the wakings. We are definitely trying to reprogram his sleep habits so I know this could be a long haul.

When he gets up, one of us (usually me, somehow my non-pregnant husband has higher sleep needs than me and frankly cannot function getting up more than once) gets up and takes his hand and puts him back in bed. Generally I have to sit on the floor next to the bed for a few and then I “excuse” myself to go to the bathroom, check on the dog, etc. I always come back trying to lengthen the time to show that we are always there. Anything else?

My husband would like to keep him in his room and let DS work through it on his own...I struggle since no one sleeps with that but maybe. We did get a time to wake clock but have not pushed it yet, he is young.

I have tried to talk about it well before bed time and in the morning to understand why he is getting up. From what I can gather, he just wants us to lay with him. Anyone else have success with other methods? TIA!