Hey everyone. It's been a while since I've posted on here. My son is going to turn 2 on Feb 4th and over the last couple of months his toddler aggression has been peaking. I know it is somewhat normal, but I'm concerned. He has started hitting us seemingly out of nowhere. I mostly notice it happening in the afternoon/evening. Yesterday he smacked my husband is the face twice, the day before that he threw a train at his head and then a couple of books. It was about 2 hours before bedtime. We tell him firmly "no, no hitting". I try to give him alternative actions that are acceptable, like high fives, hugs, gentle pats. I feel like he's not getting it. He doesn't seem to understand that hitting hurts. Additionally, after he has hit us , and we tell him not to, he will hit himself and say "ow", or he will hit his stuffies (like he's look for a reaction from the stuffie).

The preschool hasn't said anything to us about hitting, and I trust them so I assume it is not a problem there. I actually think he does really well with other children. Even when another child is playing with his toys, He is pretty good with sharing and controlling his actions when prompted. I will say that there is a girl at school that hits a lot, and when I pick him up he will frequently tell me " E hit me", or "E was hitting", and I've even see her hitting.

I'm going to mention this to the pediatrician at his 24 month appointment, but what else should I be doing? Will it get better? Should I start doing timeouts? I feel like he doesn't really connect that the timeout is for the hitting.