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  1. Mrs D

    grapefruit / 4545 posts

    @pwnstar: yes

  2. Raspberry

    kiwi / 598 posts

    When you ladies chat about a middle number, what does that refer to?

  3. Mrs D

    grapefruit / 4545 posts

    @Raspberry: weight, 169...middle number is "6"...

  4. Raspberry

    kiwi / 598 posts

    @Mrs D: ah, thanks!

  5. pwnstar

    pear / 1718 posts

    @Mrs D: Are you eating back the exercise calories it indicates you burned (which is my guess in that you mentioned you struggle to sometimes eat 1200 calories).

  6. Mrs D

    grapefruit / 4545 posts

    @pwnstar: Not intentionally. I aim for 1200...without considering exercise. But the days I do two workouts (30 min cardio and HIIT) I do aim a bit higher (1400 cals)

  7. Truth Bombs

    grapefruit / 4321 posts

    @Mrs D: Do you log your exercise in MFP? If so, it subtracts the calories burned from your total. That might be tripping you up? If you're eating 1200-1400 calories and day and regularly working out I would definitely expect to see some movement on the scale. I workout daily and if I stick to my macros (which add up to 1530 calories, without giving back exercise calories burned) I do lose slowly, but consistently.

  8. Mrs D

    grapefruit / 4545 posts

    @Truth Bombs: I look at the first number in MFP, not the net. So I basically ignore the exercise piece. I guess that is where my frustration is coming from, its only been 2 weeks of no loss...but I still kind of expected to see .5-1lb a week...I am totally fine with slow and steady weight loss.


    apricot / 430 posts

    Joining in! Just joined Weight Watchers after trying to lose weight by "just eating healthy" for months now. I'm 15lbs heavier that my heaviest pre-pregnancy weight (now 15 months pp), and that was up 10lbs after going off birth control (I'm one of the freaks who gained weight after quitting the pill). Time and energy to exercise is tough to come by as I WOH and DS is only awake for about 2 hours after I get home. Trying to work in exercise after he goes to bed and before dinner is tough. I'm trying to do the Scientific 7-min workout (NYTimes from years ago) daily to just create a new habit and I'm hoping that I can add to that in the future.

    I'm hoping your success stories will help keep me motivated!

    If anyone has WW experience, I'd love some tips. I've done WW once before (pre-wedding) and it was an incredibly slow process for me that required me keeping at or below my daily points allowance and still only losing 0.5-1lb/week, and that was with running and kickboxing 3x/week. I did lose 25lbs, but it took 10 months and I was living alone and cooking for only myself. I'm curious to see what my experience is like this time around.

  10. gingerbebe

    cantaloupe / 6131 posts

    @Mrs D: Personally, I just plan on getting my losses in the two weeks of the month I'm NOT dealing with PMS or shark week or bloat or whatever. I do not expect to lose those 2 weeks and dismiss any weight spikes on the scale. If I happen to lose during the "bad" two weeks, then bonus! However, I do try to drink a lot of water and up my protein levels during my period to help with water retention and my extra hunger. Doing this helps me stay motivated the other two weeks and it keeps me sane. Just putting it out there.

    @adira: Oikos Triple Zero yogurt - the berry, strawberry, and cherry flavors - are 7 net carbs, if you can fit it into your macros. Its a nice protein-packed treat.

    I did pretty well in January. I'm down 8.6 pounds for the month, I've been doing the Couch to 5K program every other day, and I'm in Onederland, which I haven't been in many years. I am currently at the weight I was during law school 7 years ago, so I'm digging that! Hopefully I can keep plugging away.

  11. Adira

    wonderful pomelo / 30692 posts

    @gingerbebe: Nice, thanks for the tip! Also, nice job on your weight loss in January! I've stalled for the moment but am working on trying to get my motivation back, haha.

  12. Truth Bombs

    grapefruit / 4321 posts

    @BUNBUN: I totally hear you on having zero energy to work out in the evenings. Unfortunately, I find working out in the morning (5:15am) is the best time to do it. It allows me the time to get in a full work out and it helps me feel better all day (I'm energized, I'm happy knowing my workout for the day is complete, and I make better food choices because I don't want to cancel out the hard work I just did!)

    No tips on WW other than be careful of those "zero point" foods. They may be zero points but they are still calories!

  13. Truth Bombs

    grapefruit / 4321 posts

    @Mrs D: I would just keep at it. Consistent working out and under 1400 calories a day will be pay off in the long run.

  14. Mrs D

    grapefruit / 4545 posts

    @gingerbebe: Good feedback. That may just be how my body is also...loose most in a 2 week chunk. Which I am fine with. I'm more than happy at 5lbs a month of weight loss...slow and steady...

  15. looch

    wonderful pear / 26210 posts

    @BUNBUN: The new points system on WW is hard for me to get my mind around. Chicken, for example, is 0 points, but so is a serving of cucumber.

    So, I am counting calories this time around.

  16. BUNBUN

    apricot / 430 posts

    @Truth Bombs: Thanks for the tips! DS just started sleeping past 5:30 AM, so that might be an option. I think I'll give working out in the AM another try, but that's never been a recipe for success for me. Unfortunately, I've always found that I'm exhausted and relaxed, rather than energized by exercising (no matter what I do). This has been the case my whole life. My body just kind of says "ok, I've done my exercising for the day, time to sleep" and I can't focus at work, can't motivate to eat right, it's a vicious cycle. At least if I exercise in the evening, there is less time for me to throw my eating off for the day and I can just go to sleep early! Maybe I need to add a late afternoon snack so that I'm not starving at 7 after DS is asleep.

  17. BUNBUN

    apricot / 430 posts

    @looch: Yeah, it's freaking me out too. I know I have to watch how much of the zero foods I eat (had to watch fruit intake last time), but things like eggs and non-fat yogurt could trip me up. Less of a danger for plain grilled chicken, for me!

  18. looch

    wonderful pear / 26210 posts

    @BUNBUN: Yes, I noticed when I ate more than three servings of fruit per day, I wouldn't lose weight.

  19. pwnstar

    pear / 1718 posts

    @BUNBUN: My preference is to work out in the morning. Eaaaaarly-4:30/5 am timeframe. But my youngest (almost 18 months), doesn’t consistently wake at the same time-currently, he has reverted to waking at 5 am. So for now, workouts in the morning just don’t happen.

    I also WOHFT, and yes, it’s hard, but immediately after my oldest goes down (typically around 7:30), I change my clothes, put on my shoes, and knock out a workout. Sometimes I get distracted and I do it later (I have hopped on the elliptical at 9 or even 10), but 20 minutes of a tired workout is better than no workout. I typically have a workout planned (because it helps me to know what I’m doing), but just doing something really does help to create the habit and make it easier to do it at night.

    I can either choose to wait until my youngest is consistently sleeping later to workout (which may not happen for quite a while), or, I can choose to workout at night after bedtime. Only one of those choices gets me closer to my goal which makes it a no brainer for me. Reframing the situation from what I can’t do to what I can do really helps me focus on what I want and how to utilize the time/resources I do have to make it happen.

    Eta: Being in shape/working toward my goals helps me manage every aspect of my life better, which in turn makes it easier to find the motivation (and most of it is really just creating a new habit) to keep going. I’m not always happy about it beforehand, but I am afterward. I hope you can find a solution that works for you!

  20. pwnstar

    pear / 1718 posts

    @BUNBUN: if I’m hungry, I’ll grab a few baby carrots with hummus while the kiddos are eating, or even a chicken breast on my extra hungry days (I just started batch cooking on Sundays—having prepared food on hand makes it so much easier to grab a bit of protein before my workout). I also always have protein powder in hand for a quick protein shake (for both pre- and post-workout, depending on the circumstances).

  21. BUNBUN

    apricot / 430 posts

    @pwnstar: thank you! All great suggestions!

  22. gingerbebe

    cantaloupe / 6131 posts

    @BUNBUN: I'd try to give yourself a little tapas plate while your son is eating dinner. Make it like a little ritual/treat - a few slices of cheese, a few nuts, maybe a slice or two of salami, and make a point to drink a large glass of water too. All of this is easy to snag a bite of while wrangling a small child. Even a string cheese is fine. That should digest and hold you until after your son is asleep. Bang out a quick 30 minute workout and then you should be ready for a little dinner and then you can go to bed. Even if the tapas plate is a little higher in calories, you can make up the difference by eating a little lighter for dinner or load up on zero point foods (I think you all still have that on WW).

  23. Mrs D

    grapefruit / 4545 posts

    Ok - new month new goals for me! You all saw my "why wont the damn scale move" drama last week. I am going to try something different this month - try super hard not to focus on the scale. I'm setting up my goals for workouts for the next 23 days (sh*t February is short!). I'm going to keep my calories in the 1300-1400 range and focus on continuing my clean eating.

    Goal Workouts:
    -Body Boss HIIT circuits 8
    -Yoga (doing Yoga w/ Adriene's True 30 day series) 9 sessions
    -Cardio 9 sessions

    If I can accomplish all of those I will count February a success no matter what the scale says. I know I will be seeing improvement with that much commitment.

  24. Mrs D

    grapefruit / 4545 posts

    @BUNBUN: Not sure if you drink protein shakes but I have found those to be life savers. I usually drink them on the way home from work - it gets me through the dinner time rush without the risk of being so hungry I make a bad choice.

    Also - I'm not sure how old your DS is but my DD thinks its awesome to watch mommy workout and do it with me. Especially the stretches. Would he think it was fun to do the 7 min workout with you?

  25. Eko

    nectarine / 2148 posts

    I am jumpimg into this! I am 7 weeks postpartum and trying super hard to lose the baby weight. I gained more with this pregnancy then i did with my son. I do at home workouts, but really trying to focus on what I eat since that is my biggest struggle.

    I know the group started a few weeks ago, but how has everyone been doing?

  26. Truth Bombs

    grapefruit / 4321 posts

    @Mrs D: Try taking pictures and measurements too. That can help you see progress even if the scale doesn't show it!

  27. Truth Bombs

    grapefruit / 4321 posts

    After a sweaty work out this morning the scale showed exactly 40lbs down for where I started at the beginning of Sept so it was great to feel like I crossed a hurdle! I need to get 2.5lbs lighter than that to meet my goal for our vacation on 3/3 which should be more than manageable. We're getting together with friends tomorrow for a kid free night which will include pizza and booze, but I'm going to do 2 classes at the gym in the morning and eat light the rest of the day to balance it out.

  28. tinyperson

    pomegranate / 3858 posts

    @Truth Bombs: That's fantastic! Congratulations!

    I'm down 12, and have 15 or so to go. We have a church winter day tomorrow (pizza), my husband's birthday on Sunday (steak dinner out), a team lunch on Tuesday, and Valentine's Day to get through. I'm trying to take a balanced approach though, but I know this week will be tricky.

  29. Truth Bombs

    grapefruit / 4321 posts

    @tinyperson: thx!

  30. Eko

    nectarine / 2148 posts

    @BUNBUN: have you tried out a new schedule to fit in working out?

  31. Eko

    nectarine / 2148 posts

    @Truth Bombs: Thats awesome progress! Sounds like you got a good plan in plave that is working for you.

  32. Eko

    nectarine / 2148 posts

    @tinyperson: That is a tricky week! Have you thought about what you are going to do to stay on track or to keep it balanced?

  33. tinyperson

    pomegranate / 3858 posts

    @Eko: I'm going to enjoy myself for those meals/activities, making sure to not overdo it, not feel like I have to finish my plate, and to load up on veggies and other healthy options for other meals. In other words - I'm not going to sweat it too much.

  34. BUNBUN

    apricot / 430 posts

    @Eko: Thanks for checking in! No, I haven't. Because, molars. DS has been really tough to get to sleep and was up at 3:45 this morning But I have managed to stay on track with WW and have lost 7lbs

  35. looch

    wonderful pear / 26210 posts

    @Truth Bombs: Nicely done!

  36. Eko

    nectarine / 2148 posts

    @tinyperson: good attitude!! I know I totally pigged out for super bowl and pounced back over a day.

    @BUNBUN: arent they the worst?! When I am beyond exhausted usually nothing happens until the end of the day Thats great though WW is helping and you are still seeing progress. Great job! Nutrition is the hardest part imo.

  37. Truth Bombs

    grapefruit / 4321 posts

    @looch: Thanks!

  38. gotkimchi

    nectarine / 2400 posts

    For everyone who counts calories - do you weigh/measure everything?

  39. Eko

    nectarine / 2148 posts

    @gotkimchi: I don't count calories down to the last calorie. I try to be more conscious of how much food I eat as a whole. So, it depends. Sometimes you can base it off the serving size and count from there. I will start measuring when I cannot take an educated guess on how much it is. I did a lot of measuring when I started because I just had no idea. The more and more you measure the less you need to over time. Now, I tend to only measure meat because that to me is the hardest to get accurate.

  40. Eko

    nectarine / 2148 posts

    I was feeling a little disgruntled yesterday about my progress. I have been working on my weight since after the holidays. I follow a more slow and steady approach so that I can keep the weight off long term. Trying to switch my mindset that I will not get quick results, which is something most aim for. But, I took some "after" pictures and I am happy so far! I am down about 7 lbs in 5 weeks.

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