Mrs. Wagon here with yet ANOTHER food-related post...

I used to eat just like Wagon Jr. (breakfast, morning snack around 10am, lunch, afternoon snack around 2pm, dinner) but now I find myself eating second breakfast instead. Thankfully this usually keeps me satisfied til lunch, but I find it hilarious that as soon as I sit down at my desk (usually 8:30am!) I NEED to eat second breakfast.

In the car on the way to work Wagon Sr. and I share a Jimmy Dean D-light sandwich, nutri grain bars, and juice. When I get to work I've been having a second breakfast: my single (tear) cup of coffee and something sweet/carby (today it's animal crackers).

This second breakfast usually comes from the vending machine so I need some ideas... anyone eat a sweet/carby breakfast they can suggest that would be cheaper and relatively healthy?