Our two year old still doesn't talk a lot. He excels everywhere else but speech is just not his jam right now. He listens to what we are saying and responds to everything we say. He knows what objects are and even try's to say what they are. A little background if you haven't seen my posts before is that he comes to work with me every day in a private office. He is not around other littles besides occasionally with our friends and their kids on the weekend. I definitely don't think it helps that he is in a work environment everyday and not around other kids. We just don't have the option right now. We realized over the holiday that he was so frustrated he couldn't tell us things. . We are frustrated too because his toddler fits are at an all time high. He points, he babbles, he says a few key words, he is learning new words but it's still not enough. My husband is starting up his own business right now and we are pretty cash poor at the moment (embarrassed to say but it is what it is) I don't expect us to be like this forever but we are living paycheck to paycheck recently. We had to stop paying our health insurance last month because it was close to $700 a month (that's the lowest plan no joke and we don't get it through our family business.) We wanted to get him into speech therapy but it's not an option for us right now. We found out through our pediatrician that it has to be something through our health insurance and some plans don't even cover it. If we paid for it out of pocket she said it would be very costly... It was hard for me to write this because I would do anything to help him progress in his speech. Our home is filled with love and besides work I devote every single moment to him. Any of you mom's out there have or had a late talker? Is there anything we can do at home to help him progress?