I just went to a 15 month old appt with the LO. The ped said by now, he should be saying 3-5 words. Uhhh...nope, not yet. He's a boy so I expected him to be a little slower but he's not saying anything that resembles real words yet. The ped said that by the 18 month appt, he should be saying 8-12 words. If not, we may need to look into speech therapy!

My son babbles a ton but refuses to say anything I ask him to or point out. He's also a big time thumb sucker so perhaps he just rather prefers to suck his thumb? I'm a little worried but will be more worried if he doesn't say one word by 18 months! (He seems to understand things I ask him or point out so understanding doesn't seem to be the problem. He also can sign "more")

Any other moms out there with late talkers? When did they start talking?