My baby is 3 months old, and sleeps at most on average a four hour stretch. He has done 6 hours before, so I know he can do it. I'm wondering if there's any tips on how I can get him to sleep longer. Could it be that he's cold? He never feels cold, but maybe he has a chill? He sleeps in a long-sleeved sleeper, with a 1 tog sleep sack. I need to buy him a new sleep sack, because he's starting to outgrow it. Maybe I should get something warmer? Our bedroom is usually around 22 or 23 Celsius. I don't think he's too warm because he's not sweaty.

The other night he slept 5 hours, when we forgot to plug in the night-light. I tried keeping the room darker the next night, but it didn't work. So maybe it was a fluke. We are keeping the room darker now though.

Or is it normal that he's only sleeping 4 hour stretches? At his two months doctor appointment, the doctor said he should be able to sleep 5 hours. I'm afraid that it is next appointment in a month, if his sleep hasn't gotten better, she's going to make me feel bad!

But also when he sleeps 5 plus hours straight, I feel a lot better in the morning with more energy too. So it would be nice if I could get him to sleep at least five hours, six would be amazing.