We started full day, public Kindergarten at the end of August. We've had all the behaviors I expected, like lots of attitude, fighting with her sister, defiance, etc but the one that gets me the most is the sadness.

She is sad a lot. Always needing to sit in my lap, waking up crying at night needing a hug. The thing is she was NEVER like this. Before starting Kinder she was the kid who wiped off my kisses & would only sometimes give me a hug. Don't get me wrong, I love more hugs from her but I'm also a little concerned that she's having such a rough transition. We did move a few months prior to starting school but only about an hour away from our old home. She spent 2 years going to part time preschool & spent 10 to 12 hours with my mom once a week before starting kinder so I really thought we'd have a little bit of an easier time adjusting to being apart.

I do my best to give her all the attention she asks for plus some when she is home but Im only capable of so much..

Any comments or feedback is welcome!!