DS2 is 6 weeks old and is so vastly different from our first son. I’m not sure what I’m looking for from this post but maybe some commiseration or tips/tricks? Sorry it’s long!

He gets his best nap of the day in the afternoon, often 2-3 hours in the crib or more if being held. Early night from say 9/10 pm to 1/2 am I can usually get him to sleep 2-3 hour chunks. The rest of the time (4am to 12pm, 5pm to 9 pm) is total crap. Cat naps, crying a lot, who knows what. We are conscious of not keeping him awake too long but it seems to not matter at all. We swaddle, white noise, rock, bounce on the ball, paci, etc for 15 mins only to have him wake up 10 mins after putting him down every time. He does this all morning and early evening long. Sometimes he wants to just sit in his bouncer and kick around and gets mad if we try to put him to sleep even if it’s been 1-1.5 hrs of awake time. It’s been worse this week (6 week spurt?) but has been going on for a week or two before that. We are trying to just go with the flow but it’s starting to wear on us that nothing we try seems to work for any length of time/consistency.

I should say he’s gaining weight super well and growing like crazy. DS1 was a sleepy preemie who we had to keep awake to feed so this is uncharted territory. I’ve read a few posts and haven’t really found anything that relates...it seems split between people having their baby on a wonderful schedule and others are going insane, no in between.

What worked for you at this age? If this sounds familiar, when did it start to even out for you?