Sorry for a not very happy post: It has been a good weekend but not a good weekend emotionally for me. It makes me wonder what is a combination of "unfortunate events" that relates to your child's behavior + other factors that you just can not stand?

For me: I can't stand DS throwing big tantrums on the day that I have spent a lot of effort on planning a wonderful day for him. If he does that, I wouldn't know how to get over it, and I will stay mad for hours/days afterwards.

His school was closed yesterday (president's day). So I planned a carpool trip with our neighbor + their son (same age) to go to this really wonderful science museum that is 45 minutes of ride away from where we are. I planned it since last week to get all the stars aligned. He was excited the night before and he picked out dinosaur books to bring on the trip. He usually wakes up happy and he seldom throws tantrum in the morning. However yesterday morning I woke him up at 8am, and he was crying and crying, and said he was tired. Just in a very bad mood and won't stop throwing tantrums the entire morning and said he didn't want to go. I said well I'll call them and cancel (well I wouldn't of course) and he just cried and said no. Nothing makes him happy. I just lost it. It just makes me really angry especially when I planned ahead for a really lovely day for him!

He was OK and happy after we get into the car... and happy in the museum. Then he started to get tired and in the car ride back he was just mean to our friend and told him to stop singing... just very irritable. He came home and refused to nap. I took a nap (I was exhausted) and he woke me up to go to the library. I said no he cried. I said wait actually I need to give you a haircut he cried and said no. Then he cried before dinner, won't eat his dinner. God. It was a tough day. He really took it out of me.

I was ok this morning. Husband left at 4am this morning to travel away for the week for work so I had to do the drop offs too. Everything was fine, he woke up, got dressed and I asked if he wanted eggs. He said yes. I cracked the egg into the bowl and beat it. He asked am I cooking for myself I said no the egg is for you you said you wanted egg. He goes no, I don't want eggs. That was another thing that I can't handle and especially difficult when we came in from a bad day yesterday.

I just lost it. I was so mad I screamed, cried, and I couldn't talk to him when I dropped him off at school.

Sorry this is a negative post but I can't get it out of my mind. What about your "can not handle" combination of events that drives you nuts?

ETA: Please, no judgement. Only support. Thank you