My daughter has two loveys that are exactly the same: she calls the old one her "cold" lovely, I guess because cold rhymes with old. And using perfect kid logic, she calls her new lovey her "warm" lovey. She likes to choose between both loveys but in general, she prefers the older one.

Last night, she woke up sobbing that her lovey was "too warm"! Sure enough, she was holding the newer "warm" lovey. I handed her the older "cold" lovey, and she settled back down and fell asleep.

This has happened a few times, even when I make sure she goes to bed with both loveys. Any advice on how to manage this? I've tried not going to her, but she becomes inconsolable. It's not a night terror though, because she immediately settles down when I give her the proper lovey.

Maybe I should have the two loveys sewn together? Not sure if that might make things worse though... any ideas?