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A Magical Month of BFPs aka December POAS!

  1. sandy

    cantaloupe / 6687 posts

    @however briefly: I'm sorry

  2. sandy

    cantaloupe / 6687 posts

    @Mrs. Confetti: congrats!

  3. sandy

    cantaloupe / 6687 posts

    @psw27: congrats to you too!

    This month is moving so fast!

  4. littlek

    GOLD / squash / 13576 posts

    Last day.. Any updates?

  5. Mum

    coffee bean / 44 posts

    Estimated O Date: Dec. 17
    POAS/AF date: Early HPTs starting Dec.26 {AF Dec. 31}
    Cycle: 3rd TTC
    Chart: Used the Kindara app to help chart temps, BDs, and estimate ovulation. The estimation let us know when to purposefully BD leading to O.
    Trying new this cycle: This {impatient} girl used an OPK and Pre-Seed
    What do you want for the holidays besides a BFP: spend time with my family!

    **After 3 days of BFNs {like I said, impatient}, a day of waiting that ended in implantation bleeding, I took a few different kinds of tests with faint positive lines {!} and got a digital BFP this morning! I used the ClearBlue with the weeks estimator which said 1-2 weeks. I figured it would be a sensitive test since it can estimate that early.**

    So thankful

  6. T.H.O.U.

    wonderful clementine / 24134 posts

    @Mum: Congratulations and welcome! Glad we could wrap up 2013 with one more BFP!

  7. mlm2934

    grapefruit / 4311 posts

    @Mum: congrats!!! Make sure to check out the Sept due date board too if you haven't

  8. Mum

    coffee bean / 44 posts

    Thanks, @T.H.O.U! I am excited to join the conversation now! Happy New Year to all!

  9. mfa_lady

    pomegranate / 3921 posts

    @gingerbebe @mum CONGRATS!

  10. T.H.O.U.

    wonderful clementine / 24134 posts

    @Mum: Welcome again! This conversation is probably going to die out since the month is over but head over to the September group and enjoy the first trimester!

  11. littlek

    GOLD / squash / 13576 posts

    @Mum: welcome! As PP said feel free to move to the due date thread.

  12. littlek

    GOLD / squash / 13576 posts

    Any updates from people on the POAS list?

  13. Kate6214

    cherry / 245 posts

    @Mum: Congrats! Yes please come over to the September board!!!

  14. littlek

    GOLD / squash / 13576 posts

    Okay, I think that's all she wrote... Congrats to all those who got BFPs and for the lovely ladies rolling over to January... Wishing us all a year of new beginnings and BFPS...

  15. MrsMccarthy

    honeydew / 7295 posts

    @Mum: oh honey congrats!

    I was waiting for this board to explode because I know December (particularly September births) are a peak conception time.

  16. LovelyPlum

    eggplant / 11408 posts

    @Mum: hi, welcome, and congratulations! Way to end this year with a !!

  17. FaithFertility

    eggplant / 11861 posts

    @Mum: End the year with a BANG!!!! YAY Congratulations!

  18. Honeygold89

    nectarine / 2527 posts

    @Mum: welcome and congrats

  19. NorCalWayfarer

    nectarine / 2134 posts

    @MrsMcD: Sorry for the super late response... But omg that is the best Christmas present -- every little girl wants a pony for Christmas! I totally empathize with your feeling discouraged. We got our BFP on our 6th cycle (after one chemical) and I ovulated while we both had the flu, but somehow it still worked Don't lose hope but I understand feeling frustrated at times. Hoping for your BFP soon.

  20. dc yoga bee

    grapefruit / 4770 posts

    Sorry bees! I had to take a hiatus from the bee. I was getting so stressed out with the opks, scheduled sex, and the whole idea it was "only" month 2. I just didn't like who I was becoming.

    Congrats on all the BFPs! We are taking a more relaxed whatever approach, and scheduled a cruise for our anniversary!


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