Do any of you have a spouse or other close adult who was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome as an adult? If so I'd be interested in knowing the following:
1. When or why did the diagnosis occur?
2. If you or someone other than the AS adult brought up the possibility of AS how did the AS adult initially respond?
3. How did the adult respond to the diagnosis?
4. What, if anything, has the AS adult done to modify his or her behaviors?
5. How has your relationship with the AS adult changed for better or worse?
6. How did you cope with having a marriage (or friend/parent/sibling relationship) with the AS adult?

I've read a lot of the sites out there dedicated to this topic but I'm really looking for personal experience. After several frustrating years of not being able to understand my husband's behavior and actions, lightbulb went off after a conversation with a friend who has a lot of professional experience with teens and adults with AS. DH was diagnosed as a child with ADHD, depression, anxiety, and social anxiety but nothing was every done to address it - and it was the 1980s when what we now understand to be a high functioning individual with autism was just "quirky." But now, it seems that these conditions can coexist or even mask AS.
Any personal experience advice would be greatly appreciated.