DH and I have our 10th anniversary this week, and my dad and step mom have voluntold us that they’re coming up to babysit so that we can have some alone time and they can have some one on one time with DD. Our second baby is due in December and with Covid DD (almost 3) hasn’t had a ton of time when she wasn’t either at daycare or with me/DH, so we want to do it, just during the day because we’re not comfortable with them doing bedtime based on statements they’ve made about how most things we’re doing are wrong. But I have absolutely no ideas for what we would do for a 2-3 hour day date.

I’m 28 weeks pregnant and have been advised to avoid exercise because of my risk of preterm delivery, so anything with alcohol, coffee or the outdoors is out. Maybe a matinee? I’m still trying pretty hard to avoid Covid as a pregnant person, which would typically, for me, mean avoiding movie theaters. There aren’t really adult-targeted museums in our area. I’m totally stumped.