Hello all! DH and I are currently trying to decide on a location for a summer vacation and *fingers crossed* babymoon. We've been holding off traveling for a while because of various pregnancy/loss related concerns, but I'm crawling out of my skin and ready to just go for it since you never know what's going to happen. We're looking at mid-late August, and want to go somewhere where we can be active--we're big into hiking and kayaking--but where we'll also be happy if I'm pregnant and would rather sit by a lake/pool or wander through a town. I want to avoid US national parks because while I love them for getting into the back country, I really don't like the chaos and disney-lite vibe around a lot of the towns that host national parks. We're based in the Northeast US, so Europe or west coast are options, but not South Pacific or Asia, since we're only planning 1 week. Obviously if I'm hoping to be ~5 months pregnant, we'd be avoiding zika and countries where we might get travelers' flu. We've been thinking about the following, but would love any suggestions:

Seattle or Vancouver (bonus of visiting friends)
Somewhere in the Alps
Somewhere in the Pyrenees (DH has always wanted to hike across an international border, plus wild ponies!)
Ireland (DH's grandparents on his mom's side were from County Kerry)