My MIL is very generous with her time and in bringing toys for our DD. Recently, the gift-giving has in my mind become excessive. We see her about once a month, and every month (even non-birthday, non Christmas months) she had at least three large bags of toys. Some are bought new, some second hand, some held over from the four boys she raised. She means really well, but it’s become a great source of stress for me for two reasons.

1) We live in a small row house with no space for more toys. We’ve always carefully selected our toys and tried to focus on experiences rather than material things with DD. The clutter is driving me nuts.

2) I know the point of grandparents is to spoil children, but I worry this is just too much.

Like I said, her heart is in the right place, but I don’t know how to resolve this without someone’s feelings getting hurt.

Thoughts for what to say/do? Nothing isn’t really an option.