Hey all, advice is needed! My husband is going through a rough go as he is looking to change his career completely. He is totally unhappy where he’s at as he’s been there for 5 years and it’s just time to move on! It’s a small business and it has no benefits whatsoever (not even health insurance) and most recently he just has hit a wall there and knows he cannot move any further in his position. It has just run its course. He has great experience now in management and is really a wonderful candidate for anything he sets his mind to. His background started in medical as he thought he was going to go to medical school right out of college but he changed to sales/management and started working right away at this small business to gain experience on the business side instead. He has been actively seeking jobs and applying but has been turned down for 6 positions at 6 different companies (only one he got to the actual interview process and made it until the very end but they went with another candidate.) All of the turn downs are from recruiters that don’t speak to him and simply look at his resume and linked in and send out the standard “not a fit” E-Mail. We live an area that is not a big city so there are not as many opportunities but there are still some bigger companies. I know he is getting really discouraged and I am trying to stay really positive for him because I know the potential for greatness and what he has to offer to a company. Have you or your husbands gone through something similar? How did you stay positive for them? How did it turn out?