We are heading on a family vacation with the kids (with my parents and my brothers family) next week and I am slightly concerned about getting through airport security! We are going to look like a traveling circus... we will have the 2 kids (2 and 10 months), 2 car seats, two strollers, 2 rolling carry-ons and 2 backpacks. DH and i will each wear a backpack, roll a suit case and push a stroller (we will attached the infant seat to the city mini and hook the convertible to the back of the gluxe.) My question is- do the strollers and car seats go through the scanner? Obviously the backpacks and suitcases do. Should i leave the kids in their strollers or take them out? Should i wear my 10 month old in the ergo?
I know i can bring water through as I have a baby, but do you think i can bring through baby food pouches?