DS will be 3 in November and he says “sorry” for EVERYTHING. Things he definitely does not need to apologize for. Like, I dropped his book and he said “sorry mama” in the saddest little voice and he says it so genuinely like it was all his fault. It’s for everything- he fell down, he says sorry. We give him instructions, like, please put your pants on bud, he says sorry. We don’t really force apologies and I haven’t asked daycare about it yet. We’ve tried telling him that he can just say “ok”, especially for instructions but it hasn’t worked. I mean, I want him to apologize for things he actually needs to, but not as a default response. I’m not really sure what I’m looking for here, but it makes me so sad to hear his little voice saying sorry for things he doesn’t need to be sorry for. Now I’m so conscious about what I apologize for because as a woman, I definitely think I say sorry way too often and now I’m worried he’s picking it up from me