The department I work in (essentially an administrative/IT job) recently hired a new staff member (internal transfer). Before she was hired, there were 7 people in our department. Of those 7, 4 had babies in 2017. There were other babies born to other people in the office in 2017 as well. Office probably employs about 50 people, and we don't interact with the public in person.

New staff member told my cube-mate (one of the people with a baby) today that she had had pertussis in September, and she "was worried when they were putting me with a bunch of people with babies." In September, she stayed home and went through antibiotics after diagnosis, and was seeing a dr, yada yada yada.

I'm incredibly annoyed with management that they didn't notify the general population of our office that someone in the office had contracted pertussis. I know this could be viewed as a privacy issue, so I'm looking for perspective. My DD is as fully vaccinated as she can be, but still has a few rounds to go before she's done. It doesn't help that I brought her to the doctor LITERALLY THIS MORNING for a sick visit because she's been coughing a lot at night (Dr said it was just a cold, her lungs sounded very clear and she was at 100% for blood oxgenation).

Am I being ridiculous?