I just got a Kids kindle fire and ugh, this thing is a pain to figure out. I got it since we have 2 upcoming air travel trips and also my 3yo is having surgery. I want to download some episodes of his favorite shows to have on his profile so he can watch. I managed to turn off the Freetime feature (he will go nuts wanting to watch everything that shows up).

I understand I have to download the shows in my profile and then "share" them with his profile. But when I download the show episodes, they aren't showing up in my video library. It says you have no videos downloaded. ?!?!?! But when I go to Amazon Prime Video, it shows up under "downloads" - which is a separate tab from "video library." Is it because I didn't buy the episode, only downloaded it? And I can't share it with him b/c it's not in the video library folder.

Any fire experts want to weigh in?