DH and I are both introverts, so one aspect of parenting that's a bit challenging is meeting both of our needs for alone time. That being said, I think he has unrealistic expectations with regards to how much time he (and I) should be getting. My mom comes over at least once a week after work, and stays till bedtime, but he does work a lot of hours so frequently there's just not that much time left if he doesn't want to stay up super late. And I'm EPing, so a lot of my time gets eaten up by that, and it's a pain with LO so I do expect him to take her when I'm pumping. But still, I could be the unrealistic one here and could be taking too much of an attitude of being a martyr to parenting.

So help me get some perspective on what is normal. How much alone time (per day, per week, whatever) do you think is realistic? And how does that change as LOs get older? (Our LO is currently almost 8mo, and DH works outside the home, I'm a SAHM.)