I can't believe I'm here again..earlier this week I had what I'm pretty sure was implantation cramps and bleeding. Tuesday night, twice on Wednesday, and twice on Thursday I got bfp's on frer but negatives on every digital I took. I knew it was probably another chemical pregnancy but a small part of me was still optimistic that my levels were just rising a little slow at first and I was going to get a digital bfp by the end of the week. Friday morning and today I took two more frer tests and they were completely negative. There's absolutely no line and it's as if I was never pregnant. If I didn't have my husband confirm every test I took I would honestly think I was seeing things with all of those positives!

I'm so frustrated and just tired..Now there's no doubt in my mind that something is wrong. There's no way 4 losses in 15 months is just bad luck. As much as I was trying not to get my hopes up, I really thought next time would work out and now I can't imagine not having a miscarriage.

I hate how normal it feels now to get a positive pregnancy test and then know it's not going to result in a baby, and then just move on and try no to think about it and be hopeful for next time. It's all just so strange.