We're about to start TTC and I am on two anti-depressants: Lexapro and Wellbutrin. My primary care doctor and psychiatrist say they are pretty safe during pregnancy -or, rather, not proven to be unsafe. But a study in 2011 mentioned a possible (not proven) connection between SSRIs taken during pregnancy and slight increased risk of autism. The risk is allegedly higher when SSRIs are taken during the first trimester.

I'm a little scared, probably because 1) I work with people with autism, so I know all about it and 2) we do have a family history of autism, so there is already some increased genetic risk (who knows how much, though).

In my mind, it seems selfish of me to take these SSRIs while pregnant if it has any chance to hurt the baby, but I know there are also risks associated with being depressed while pregnant.

Anyone else on antidepressants while pregnant? Or anyone who went off, and why?