DH and I will be moving to a city in the same state in anywhere from 1-4 years. A lot of it is based on what happens with his job in the next year, hence the long range.

DH and I both work full time, and have a 1 year old who will need daycare. We will want to buy a house in our new city, not rent (renting is $$$$).

Ok, so logistically, has anyone done this? Did *both* of you have jobs before you moved? Did one career take back burner? How the heck did you get into a daycare? Can you buy a house in the middle of changing jobs?

I could conceivably be a WOHM for a year if we couldn't get into daycare/I couldn't find a job, but I'm really much more likely to find a job than DH is. Along the same vein, DH could conceivably make the 1.5 hour commute every day if necessary until he found employment.

I have LOTS of questions about how the heck to relocate a dual-career family. Any tips or 'what worked for you' stories for me?