I have already made the decision to see a very respectable group of midwives at a birth center in my area instead of an OB for my prenatal care and delivery. I came to this decision for many reasons, and I did a lot of research before coming to this conclusion. All in all, I truly believe it's the safest route for me and my baby (many factors considered, including my age, health, strength, medical history, and family dynamic).

However, at 14 weeks, now that I've told most family, friends, and coworkers about the pregnancy, some have found out about this choice through baby-talk conversation, and I've heard just a few kind of negative comments about it. I feel like it's just beginning of hearing other people's opinions on the subject, so I'm hoping there are some others here that have made a similar choice to (ideally) go med-free and hospital-free for their prenatal care and births.

How do you deal with the judgy comments?
Have you ever doubted your decision because of comments like this?