We currently rent a two bedroom house that we adore and we're hoping to stay put for 3+ years. Our second bedroom functions as an office, guest room and storage so we really don't have the luxury of making it a baby's room.

The more I'm thinking about it, the more I'm planning to not decorate a nursery. We will maybe have a baby station in the second bedroom (small dresser and gear in the corner) with a crib in our bedroom, and we have built in desks in both rooms, so one of those will become a changing station. But we won't really do anything for theme or decor.

It feels really freeing to not have the pressure of transforming our one extra room. I know a newborn won't know the difference of gray and pink elephants on the wall or not! But I also feel a tiny bit guilt about not spending the time and energy on making a special place for our new arrival. We just have to be practical!

I don't know anyone who hasn't made a nursery! So I'm curious for those of you limited on space - what have you done to make room for a new addition?