I am not overly enthused about the idea of visitors after right after baby is born. I tend to be one of those people that DOES NOT want to be around anyone when I dont feel good. DH was even included in this category until I learned to trust him a bit (taking care of me while I had the WORST case ever of the stomach flu and being nothing but sweet the whole time helped get me there!) To make things worse I am a really light sleeper and know I will not relax or sleep with people coming in and out. I am not saying I dont EVER want visitors I just want to have some quiet time to rest and bond with the baby afterwards so I really want to limit visitors until we are ready, perhaps several hours later or even the next day for some people.This even includes grandparents and close relatives. My problem is this: I know my parents will be respectful of this, as a matter of fact they did it voluntarily for my brother and his wife but I am worried about my in-laws, siblings, aunts and uncles and other friends. I have already gotten some push back and rude comments from people who are apparently offended with the fact that I want a little time to rest afterwards and I am pretty sure if my inlaws had it their way they would be waiting outside the door for me to FINALLY give birth. So here is my question: am I being a huge jerk by wanting some alone time? How do I gently express this to people without offending them?
Who knows when the time rolls around I may be so high off adrenaline and or feel terrific and want everyone and their mother to come see my beautiful baby but on the off chance that I want a bit of a break I want to be prepared!