So my due date with my 2nd LO is Aug 3. My first LO is a toddler - 2.5 yrs old.

My sister, who currently lives in LA, wants to come to visit, see the baby, and help me out. I was so happy when she offered that I told her to come anytime. (She booked a ticket and is arriving a few days after my due date and staying for a month) She later asked if she could bring her 5 lb dog, which, as long as its not a yapper or a pee-er, I'm okay with).

Then sister in law, who lives one state away (but is originally from my state) and has two kids asked if she could come for a week - to help out and also to see the baby and her parents. This week would overlap with my own sister staying at my house.

Now, I love these two women. And because they both live out of state, it is rare that I get to spend real time with them and bond.

But with the addition of a newborn into our house, and all the visitors that will probably be wanting to come by (3 sets of grandparents) and my husband and my friends, am I crazy to have them (2 sisters, 2 nephews, and 1 dog) stay over? [Space is not an issue, we have enough bedrooms and living space for visitors to spread out]. Or am I lucky to have all these extra hands available to help out?

I know its too late to back out and say someone can't come. I guess its more of me trying to mentally prepare myself for not having my home to myself after bringing the new baby home...