Like, say you begin induction with pitocin, and hours later progression has been well established (like you're dilating and contractions are coming at a good rate), can you then request they turn off your pitocin to allow your body the chance to take over on its own? (& it can always be turned back on if not)
Has anybody done this?
I never considered this idea before, but I recently read one page suggesting it. I'd like to give it a shot if all goes well, but part of me is worried the hospital will be against it?? Ideas?????
My induction is tomorrow morning!!

Some background: I'm 40 weeks tomorrow. Being induced because baby is measuring large.
I've been at 1cm for a week now. I had a cytotec (1/4 tablet) placed this morning to ripen my cervix (will see tomorrow if that did anything). This is my second baby.