I know how I feel will change after Baby Shopaholic arrives - everyone says "you don't understand until you have a baby."
I feel that I am a very good friend and for my friends that have had LOs ahead of me, I always try to be understanding, accommodating, and go the extra mile to keep up with the relationship. This often means that I drive to their houses, bring them food, meet them according to their time & schedule, we do activities that are LO-friendly, heck, I basically help baby-sit sometimes!

This also means, that a lot of those friends NEVER come (or ever been) to our house (we've lived here 2 years). Some LOs I've rarely ever seen outside of their homes!

Today, I was on my way to meet a friend with twins (about a 20+ min. drive) early in the morning so we could "take them for a walk." I get a call telling me that they were being too naughty, she was having a nervous breakdown, and today would not be a good day. I understand. I really do. I can empathize with how difficult it can be. BUT... I wonder now that I am going to have my own LO, if some of these friends who are already moms, will now be too busy to reciprocate the way I have. I mean, will they come to see me at my house? Will they understand and make the effort to spend time with us?
Basically, will they be "there for me" as much as I have "been there" for them?

Moms - can you weigh in?
If you don't reciprocate after you had a LO - was the friendship just not worth the effort?