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Are your kids going to believe in Santa Claus?

  1. Penny Lane

    nectarine / 2163 posts

    My parents never really told me Santa was real at all. I did grow up pretending there was a Santa though, they played the Santa card on my younger siblings

    So, no Santa for my kids. Like MrsBells said, I prefer Christmas to be about Jesus and the spirit of giving and charity, rather than getting things

  2. MsMamaBear

    pear / 1861 posts

    Yep, she'll believe in Santa, as well as go to church on Christmas eve or morning to see the real reason for the season, Jesus. We did both growing up and we did it well!

    I just hope some little kid who isn't allowed Santa doesn't ruin it for her. I had a kid in my class doing that and I cut her short. I wasn't even pregnant then, but it bothered me that she'd go around telling them that just because she didn't have Santa. It was hateful.

  3. Mrs. Pickle

    blogger / wonderful cherry / 21628 posts

    I'm not sure. I wasn't raised to believe in Santa Clause but my husband was. He really feels that our kids should have Santa and I am on the fence. I don't want our kids to be devastated when they find our we've been lying about it. I don't know if kids really do get upset since we never dealt with that at my house.

  4. Sunshine1810

    pear / 1556 posts

    DH and I both want our kid(s) to believe in Santa. We loved Christmas as children when we believed and want them to have that experience as well.

    I started getting suspicious about Santa being real when I was around 6-7, and then my mom told me the truth when I asked her about it. I was disappointed but definitely not traumatized. I think most kids get to an age where they realize on their own that Santa isn't real, and then it's easier for them to accept it.

  5. junebugmama

    nectarine / 2019 posts

    My entire adult life I said that if I had children I would not lie to them about Santa Claus. It got a bad reaction all around. My sister worried that my children would ruin it for her children and other children in their lives. When I met my husband, who was raised as a Jehovah Witness, knowing that Santa was a lie, he said I really wish I could have been like all the other kids who thought that fat guy brought them presents. He pushed and so I eventually agreed.

    When I was 5yrs old I was waiting for the tooth fairy to come and take my 2nd tooth. I caught my Father. He tried to cover the lie by saying the tooth fairy was sick and asked him to help. I knew he was lying. My Mother says it took me less than a month to put together all of the other characters, Santa, the bunny, etc were all just a lie. I was devastated. I actually remember an argument with my parents where they told me not to lie and I used it as ammunition. Hopefully my children aren't as angry as I was.

  6. PitBulLover

    apricot / 256 posts

    I do want my kids to believe in Santa! I think there is something special about the innocence of believing in him. I miss that! I found out Santa wasn't real when my older brother and I stayed up one night to videotape Santa from the stairs and we saw our parents putting presents under the tree. I remember already having a feeling that he wasn't real (don't know why) but that confirmed it.


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