So we started (ferber) nap training 5 days ago. LO is 6 mo and not yet teething so it seemed like a good time. Prior to training she needed me to rock her for 100% of all of her naps. She's currently on 3 naps/day (when I rock her). I used to be able to rock her to sleep and set her down but for the last 6 weeks she's woken up every time I've tried to set her down and won't go back to sleep. And I'm the only one who can rock her-- she just cries if my husband tries to rock her or if my mom does. We did sleep training for night a few weeks ago and it went well. Nap training? Not so much.

Day 1 was better than expected (4 nap attempts, 2 successful naps @ 45 min and 2 hrs 30 min!)

Day 2 was a little better (3 nap attempts, 2 successful naps @ 45 min and 1 hr 20 min-- I consider more successful bc she only refused her last nap, even though she slept less)

Day 3 was worse than day 1 (4 nap attempts, 2 successful naps @ 1 hr 30 min and 25 min)

Day 4 was worse yet (4 nap attempts, 2 successful nap @ 45 min and 30 min... but she refused 2 naps in a row for the first time and didn't sleep for a total of 6 hrs mid-day).

Today is not shaping up to be great either-- cried through our whole first nap attempt.

I know 5 days is not that long, but the fact that things seem to be getting consistently worse rather than better is making me feel like this is just not working. And I don't want to keep putting her (and me!) through this if it isn't going to work.

If she shows some good improvements today (like sleeping for her 2nd and 3rd nap attempts) I will probably give it 2 more days to finish out the week, but if not...

At what point did you or would you have given up on nap training? Have I given this a "fair shot" if I give up after today (assuming today is as bad or worse than yesterday)?

Also-- if I do give up, is there anything else we could or should try to get her to sleep in some other way other than on me? Or should I just accept that if I want her to nap, it is going to be on me for the foreseeable future?

Honestly the sleeping only on me thing is frustrating but I think I manage pretty well. I'm just so sick of people in my life thinking I'm coddling her or being dramatic or something when I say no really, she'll only sleep on me. I guess I want to feel like I can say: Look, I tried all the things. They failed. If we want her to sleep this is how it happens so leave me alone.