Hi everyone,
I have posted in the past that I am trying to figure out sleep training for LO who is almost 6months old. Well we moved and introduced him to his own room(he was in our room in a crib). He is no longer swaddled. I began with playing in his new room and playing in the crib.I nap trained for 2 days CIO (I really didn’t want to do this method) for up to an hour. He did not fall asleep. He cried for an hour both times. Last night, I started sleep training. He cried for 30 mins woke back up and cried for a minute. He cried for 15 mins during his naps today. He cried for an hour tonight. I put him down in his crib at 730pm last night and 7pm tonight. We have a strict bedtime routine.

He slept through the night last night(awake at 645am) and hoping same for tonight. However, I do not mind nursing at night. I set a time that I will not nurse before 1am.

When should I have his last nap be? Today he woke up at 330pm(I feel like he could’ve had one more nap but I wanted to get him down at 7/730pm). I do the routine of eat,play,sleep. Suggestions?

Depending on childcare etc I may have his bedtime back to 8pm. I wanted to get him down early because I wasn’t sure how long he would cry. Do you think this will be a problem? I know it depends on his wake up time. His Pediatrician stated 10-12 hrs is good for him plus naps.

He takes good naps (now after regression) so a I am confident he will have enough rest. Overall, he’s a happy baby and I go off his cues.

Any input would be great? Anything I need to look out for or avoid during this time? How do a i know he’s good with the “training”? I want to stay consistent and make sure he’s hitting naps in his crib as well plus night time. We did run out today and he had a nap in the car. Do you think this is a problem?

Sorry for all of the questions... FTM.
Thank you!