DH and I have been on the fence for a long time about having a third child, but just in the past few weeks I've started feeling like my family is complete. I have two boys - one is almost 5 and the other is almost 3. We are getting out of the baby/toddler stage, and I'm enjoying the ages they are at now. It's easy for me to take them places by myself like the pool or playground, they both play together really well, and I am getting time to myself when they both go to preschool some mornings.
My wedding anniversary was a few weeks ago, and my aunt posted on FB to say congrats, but she added something else in her post. She said, "My one piece of advice — keep going for a girl to have one of each." She is the mother of two grown boys, so this got me thinking that maybe she has regrets about not having a daughter. Maybe she isn't happy with just her sons. Her statement made me feel doubt in my decision to stop, but I'm not sure I want three kids and it's also out of my control to have a girl next. Has anyone said something like that to you? Any advice for me?