My oldest child was 3.5 when her younger brother was born, so she had a lot more self control and comprehension of rules/expectations/safety than I can reasonably expect my 2 year old son to have when our third is born in October.

We don't have a ton of baby gear and don't want to buy a lot, but I am wondering if I'm going to need a better place to set the baby. I'll babywear plenty, but we really have only ever used a baby bjorn bouncy seat, or set the baby on the floor on a sheepskin. We don't have anything that is raised up off the ground. We have a co-sleeper that will be attached to our bed.

If you had a younger toddler when your baby was born, did you have to take any extra steps or measures to make sure the baby was safe? My son is an incredibly sweet boy but he likes to throw things, swing his arms around, and I fully expect some hitting to happen.