LO is 7 months. He’s been mostly STTN for a couple of months now and sleep trained. He does use a pacifier for sleep which I will sometimes have to pop back in (maybe once a night). For the past couple of weeks he has seemed to prefer sleeping on his side.

However, the past few nights he has continually been rolling to his stomach and then freaking out. He will do like a “Superman” and cry until I flip him back. I don’t think he knows how to flip himself. He does not enjoy tummy time, although I do do it every day.

I feel like a nervous wreck. I’m so worried he’s going to flip and I’m not going to wake up. I’m petrified of him not being able to breathe. I’m normally not a worrier so this has been really hard. Has anyone else’s little ones been through this? I just want him to learn to flip in any direction easily so I can put my mind at ease.