My LO is ~4 months and usually naps 30-45 minutes if napping in the swing, car seat, stroller, carrier or rnp. She occasionally will sleep more than an hour but definitely not daily. A few times a week, however, she will fall asleep in my arms and nap 1.5-3 hours, briefly waking a few times to comfort nurse. If I put her down after holding her for awhile, she will immediately wake up. Does the fact that she will sleep so long being held mean she needs longer naps or just is cozy? Her temperament is fine on the days she only has shorter naps, but I sometimes end up holding her for long naps bc I'm assuming she needs the sleep? Does anyone else's LO do this?

Btw I'm not really looking to sleep train her into taking longer naps on her own. She does nap without me holding her. I'm more just wondering if anyone else experiences this and whether she is sleeping so long being held bc she needs the sleep or is just content. TIA!