Three month old will not stay asleep once I put her down in crib at night ONLY.

I got one hour last night and I am up right now in her nursery cause she won’t settle.

She periodically has a pacifier for when she is fussy and family is watching her. I don’t want her crying etc when I am away so it’s helped calm her.

Well i put one in her mouth tonight and she’s in her crib. so far staying asleep.

My first did not have a pacifier so ....

Will I regret this? I don’t want this to be a sleep crutch but I am desperate.
Trying to figure out how I can keep her in her crib at night after MOTN feedings. She just won’t settle?????

Merlin Magic Sleepsuit? Did it work for you? If you breastfed how did it workout while baby was sleeping in it?