Please help. I feel like I'm going crazy...

DS is 3 months. For the past couple of weeks he SCREAMS before every sleeep in my arms. I try to begin the routine (swaddle, lullabies, rocking) as soon as he shows tired signs or before. Whenever I start it, he begins to scream anywhere from 5-30mins. He does take a pacifier and will take it but then spits it out every 30 seconds to scream again.

I've tried doing this at certain intrevals (maybe he's overtired)...but whether I do it 45mins or 90mins from his last sleep, he screams. I feel like I'm failing. He wakes up smiley and ready to play, but we have to start the whole routine over again shortly after and it's really taking a toll.
I just want him to be happy
Any advice??