Ugh...its happening AGAIN...

With K (DD1) I went back to work at 12 weeks - we did ok but I never had any additional pumped milk and before she was 16w I was consistently not pumping enough daily and supplementing from the freezer. I blew through my minimal stash and was into formula before long. shortly after starting daycare fulltime (16w) she started refusing to nurse for the feeding right after work (5:30pmish)...before long she stopped wanting to nurse all together...and she wouldnt even drink pumped BM.

Here I day back at work with E (DD2) and I dont think I am going to have any better results with pumping. I nursed her at 6:30am...and just pumped at 10:30am for 15 mins and got 3 oz. Thats it!

E will probably only drink 2 bottles while away from me, her current schedule is:

2/3am - nurse
6/7am wake up and nurse
10/11am - bottle
2/3pm - bottle
6/7pm - nurse

I was planning to pump at 9/12/3 at work - today was wonky bc its my first day back so I was just going to mirror her schedule.

Just doesnt seem right that after 4 hours I would only have 3 oz.

FWIW - E has gained weight great (7lbs 3oz at birth, 11lbs 14oz at 2 mos, I'd guess she is 14lbs right now - 14w). I drink 100oz minimum water per day. I eat 1500 calories and on Saturday started taking Fenugreek/Blessed Thistle 2 pills/3 times a day.

What am I doing wrong?!