DH and I are doing a small kitchen reno that will have us moving our microwave into the pantry. I want to take it a step further and make a really nice pantry with drawers and things, but I think it would be inconvenient with our current double door pantry. The doors currently open up into another door on one side and the fridge on the other, so they don't get all the way "out of the way" for drawers to work nicely. I think a barn door would be a nice solution. We'd have to get the kind where only one side could be open at a time, but I think if it looked nice enough we could keep one side open most of the time which would be convenient for the microwave. DH thinks barn doors for a pantry would absolutely be annoying and a no go. So I was hoping to hear from people who have any experience with barn doors - positive or negative. Would you do barn doors for a pantry?

(inspiration pics - barn style pantry doors and the kind of interior I hope to accomplish)