I am very unexpectedly and very joyously pregnant- only 5 weeks. But I am a NERVOUS WRECK. I am so scared of miscarrying (had a pretty traumatic MC at 8w, D&C 12w last year) so any environmental concern is pushing me over the edge in terms of worrying...
My issue is I am teaching in a makeshift classroom- the old gym- while my school is under construction. (There is no dust or fumes or anything and you really wouldn't even know construction is going on.) However, since it's been warm, this old "classroom" I'm in SMELLS- not super duper strong, but toxic- like fertilizer and like asphalt sort of. The students haven't noticed it. I don't have a headache or feel sick but I am convinced it could harm the baby.
I am prone to obsessive thoughts and anxiety and I feel like it's pretty bad this pregnancy- I don't want to leave my house if my neighbors use fertilizer, I won't do yoga b/c I'd be upside down, I won't swim etc. I'm being REALLY paranoid. I even left school early yesterday without permission.
Is this irrational? It's crazy to think a sort of funky smell is poisoning me and is going to hurt my unborn baby right???