I have been looking forward to getting a noticeable bump this whole pregnancy, but the last few days have worked up some weird body complex I must have or something. I feel like I've been growing overnight, every night for the last 3-4 days! (27 1/2 weeks now)
Every day I seem quite visibly bigger! I can only hope it's a temporary growth spurt (I had one in 2nd tri) and that it will slow down a bit to a more gradual pace.
I want to love the bump and be happy that strangers can finally tell I'm preggers! Yup, just this past week is finally when strangers have started to notice.
But I think the complex I'm getting is from all these blunt Asian relatives I've got. I've literally been told these comments by relatives in the last week:

- "Don't eat too much. You'll get fat!"
- "You're Asian - you'll BLOW UP the last two months."
- "Whoa! You are SO BIG! You were so small just last week! I didn't recognize you!" (This from my MIL.)
- "Oh yeah! You can see your belly now! You should have gained what, 8 lbs now?" (Ummm...I'm up like 12lbs...)
- "Just don't wear such cute stuff that shows your belly. Looser stuff will hide it."
- "My friend was 8 months at her shower and still not hardly showing!"

I don't know where this self-conscious body complex is coming from, but DH is constantly telling me how good I look and how sexy I am. But honestly ladies, I'm starting to feel really un-sexy during "sexy time" and waver between loving that I'm finally looking pregnant to cringing when I'm worried I'll "blow up" huge! What to do?