I am devastated. My best friend that I’ve know my entire life’s 6yo child was diagnosed with acute leukaemia this morning. Our kids are the same age, 2 months apart. There’s more tests and plans for treatment to come tomorrow but it’s official. I feel helpless.

I live 3.5 hours away from them and they were airlifted to the children’s hospital last night where they will be for the next month or more. The hospital is 5-6 hours away from me. They have a younger child as well who is almost 4.

Has anyone been through this? I’m trying to tell her I’m here for her anytime she needs but also give her space because she’s overwhelmed. I don’t want to bother or force her to keep talking about it but I’m also desperate to do something. Our group of friends pooled funds and sent them dinner in the hospital tonight and purchased some gifts to deliver this weekend. It’s going to be a huge financial and logistical nightmare so I thought to start a gofundme as well but I don’t want to broadcast anything until they’re ready. We are in Canada so lucky that way.

We have one of those relationships where we can go weeks without talking and we pick right back up. We had been texting a lot the past week as her child was having strange symptoms and she was so worried so I’ve been along closely through the progression. I just don’t know what to do.